"Working as a teacher and running a restaurant business was taking a toll on my health. My doctor told me I would need to start on tblood pressure and cholesterol pills if my numbers did not improve. I decided to book a wellness consultation. The Wellness Consultation went smoothly. Swann was very attentive and thorough. I received education regarding blood pressure and cholesterol control, lifestyle changes, and a variety of natural supplements. I am eating better, feeling more energized, focused, and avoided all medications."


Wellness Consultation

"I have been taking Immune Balance drops for over 3 months. The taste is amazing and easy to swallow. Since taking it, I have noticed my energy boosted up tremendously and my seasonal allergies have subsided. I can honestly say this supplement is true to its word. I was exposed to COVID19 three different times and tested negative every time I retested. I will for sure continue to use this product because the benefits are amazing."


Immunity Balance

I must admit at first, I was skeptical about how CBD and herbs would help me with my blood pressure. I decided to give it a try anyway, so I tried Pressure Balance capsules. I was excited I gave them a try because it really helped me with my blood pressure issues"


Pressure Balance

"Since starting menopause, I sweat like crazy and could not sleep. I tried the She’s Balanced drops and the Sleep Balance drops. I absolutely love these products and have made them apart of my daily and nightly routines."


She’s Balanced/Sleep Balance